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Welcome to Inner Awakening Healing Center

 The San Francisco Bay Area’s Premier Colon Hydrotherapy

and Holistic Health Cleansing Center 

  At Inner Awakening Healing Center (IAHC) we encourage our clients to feel Empowered and to be in control of their Wellness.  We promote Holistic Health, leading by example and believe we can be Pillars of Vitality in the midst of a toxic world.  Whether you are an expert or a novice at cleansing we are here to support you every step of the way in a relaxed, stress-free environment.  We are dedicated to your Health and Well-Being and are committed to creating a clean, safe and nurturing environment where all healing potential is possible.  We love and respect our clients and are here to guide by providing education, support and TLC.  

  We offer gentle Colon Hydrotherapy along with other complementary cleansing modalities in a soothing and calming manner.  Our individualized services support opening the channels of elimination of the lymph, blood, liver, kidney, skin and lungs for improved health and optimal immune function.  These elimination channels physically and energetically share the primary elimination pathway, the Colon.  Therefore it is vitally important that the Colon is hydrated and toxins and waste are removed effectively through Colon Irrigation.  As a result  the digestive tract lining can become balanced and restored leading to more life force, energy and enjoyment.  We welcome you and look forward to serving you on your path to Optimal Wellness.  Peace and Blessings!

Colon Hydrotherapy Testimonials

“This is the best colon hydrotherapy in the bay area! They are trained well, know their stuff, and really care about their clients.”   Denise A.

“After a series of colonics I’m able to deal with stress better, I have much improved digestion and my sleep is deeper and sounder. My energy level has improved.  Your dietary suggestions are excellent! I have recommended your clinic to several people.”  Chris S.

Bio Electric Lymphatic Drainage (BELD) Testimonials

“I highly recommend seeing Susie for Lymphatic Drainage.  She will take good care of you, and you will feel wonderful as you cleanse and rejuvenate your body.”  Pat H.

“The treatment made me feel refreshed, like I was being gently scrubbed from the inside out.  I slept better than ever and my husband said that I don’t snore anymore.”  Nancy D.

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